Jennifer Keil of 70 Degrees

Jennifer Keil presented to the San Juan Capistrano Docent Society on February 17, 2022. As the Founder of 70 Degrees, she shared about developing and directing the Moulton Museum that will open in summer 2022 in Laguna Hills.

Keil focused on the historic development of Rancho Niguel once owned by Don Juan Avila who sold to the Rawson brothers. Eventually, Lewis Fenno Moulton purchased this rancho and expanded it to a 21,723-acre enterprise.

In 1894 “Father purchased Rawson’s seventeen thousand acres, and a few months later Mr. Daguerre bought a third interest in it. In 1899 they bought Bacon’s piece, and from time to time they acquired other bits of property, not belonging to the original grant, until the ranch now comprises between twenty-one and twenty-two thousand acres.”

-Charlotte Moulton, Orange County History Series, Volume 2 (1932) 

Learn more about the Aliso Viejo Ranch exhibit with a QR code that contains primary sources.

Rehabilitated Storehouse in Aliso Viejo from 1920s constructed barn in Moulton Ranch

Two Sheds at Aliso Viejo Ranch

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