2024 Swallows Day Parade

The 64th Annual Swallows Day Parade and Mercado Street Fair was held on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024. The Fiesta de las Golondrinas celebrates the return of the swallows to the San Juan Capistrano Mission on St. Joseph’s Day, which is March, 19th. The Parade and Mercado Street Faire offer a full day of family fun, celebrating the Old West and the return of the swallows from their winter home in Argentina. The parade began promptly at 11 A.M.

Learn more at: https://swallowsdayparade.org/swallows-parade/

Here are some pictures of our docents who braved the rain to march in the Swallows Day Parade.  The rain started just as we were lining up, and it continued throughout our entire march.  We got drenched, but we represented our society well.  Thanks go to our marchers: Kimberleigh and Paul Gavin, Helen Gavin, Dr. Bob Manniello. Barbara Goodwin, Suzanne Chamberlain, and me. We had a cozy lunch at Ricardo’s where Marci joined us after her hosting stint at the Blas. I would love to say a grand time was had by all, but in reality, we just survived to see another Swallows Day parade.  It was quite an experience.  My boots are still drying out.  Thanks also to Domingo who allowed us to gather at the Blas prior to the parade.

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